I use qualitative and quantitative techniques to uncover insights to build actionable business, technology, and communication strategies. I offer the following services:

  • Qualitative interviewing and analysis

  • Survey design and analysis

  • User-centered design ideation 

  • Strategic communication plans

  • Measurement and evaluation

  • Feedback on your already developed strategies


I have taught at New York University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and have hosted various workshops for clients. I offer the following workshops to lead teams through developing their own strategies and prototypes:

  • Design thinking: This hands-on workshop will walk your team through the various phases of user-centered design. This can be used to ideate about business goals, create a new product/service, and more.

  • Incorporating Innovations: The technology landscape is constantly changing, and often we aren't sure what these technologies are and why/how we ought to incorporate them into our business and communication efforts. This workshop breaks down a new technology of your choosing, provides examples of how it is used by other brands, and introduces an ideation component in which we explore how this could be used in your business.

  • Branding Together: This workshop is best for new or expanding teams who are struggling to communicate with one, strong brand voice to their customers. This workshop explores exactly what a brand is and helps teams develop the elements of a brand together.

  • Using Video to Communicate Your Vision: This workshop covers video prototyping and video creation basics. It is tailored to the unique needs of your team. It can be used to help teams develop a video storyboard that will be used in a public campaign or can be used to teach video prototyping skills to test new products/services with stakeholders. 



Phone: (212) 470-8857