The task was to convey the message that following sexual assault girls globally can receive treatment within 72 hours to reduce the risk of contracting HIV and within 120 unwanted pregnancy. This treatment was provided through Together for Girls, a UN agency, through country-specific partner health organizations. 


The challenge was to deliver this message through the proper communication vehicles and technology to reach girls across many countries, each with a unique culture and language. In particular, it was critical to deliver this message in a way that would be culturally appropriate for the target audience. In many cases, especially in the Global South, girls do not have access to their own phones or modes of transportation. Furthermore, sexual assault can be highly stigmatizing, resulting in girls being ostracized from their families or communities. 


We leveraged the use of roads, which permeate civilization from small villages to major cities. To overcome barriers of language and illiteracy, we choose to convey the 72 hour message in a symbolic, graphic, non-verbal way: road signs. In addition to building physical road signs, our team developed a mobile strategy for the Together for Girls Launch. This included a targeted search campaign, design of mobile website, text and call campaign for low-literacy users with feature phones, and partnering with major AI bots such as Cortana, Siri, and Google to address statements and questions regarding sexual assault.


  • A multi-country launch campaign for a UN agency in a universal language

  • A partnership to help AI agents recognize questions regarding sexual assault for the first time - previously agents were unable to respond to these questions

  • A mobile strategy that considered technology access (smartphone vs. feature phone) as well as literacy levels and cultural practices


This project was completed with a team during my time at cummins&partners advertising agency. My role was to lead landscape research and mobile UX strategy (research, wireframes, etc.). In addition, I storyboarded and created the video prototype at the top of this page.


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