Relaunch the VDKA 6100 branch only one year after a failed initial launch (not by our agency!) The launch focus was the New York Metropolitan Area.


The liquor industry is saturated with a sea of sameness. Our challenge was to develop a brand and campaign launch platform that would help VDKA 6100 stand out to the NYC crowd of discerning tastemakers.


We chose to make VDKA 6100 "the scotch" of vodkas. In other words, we needed to make a statement and capture the attention of NYC tastemakers, innovators, and creators. Accordingly, we rebranded VDKA 6100 as "The Drink of Choice." We arrived at this solution after much consumer research and several brainstorming and design sessions. From this, we created the CUR8 campaign, which highlights the importance of selective taste and the role it plays in our world. This spoke to our target consumer group, resulting in a successful relaunch.

  • Total re-brand of VDKA 6100 as The Drink of Choice

  • Development of the CUR8 campaign platform (concept and execution videos below)

  • Successful relaunch of the VDKA 6100 brand


This project was completed with a team during my time at cummins&partners advertising agency. My role was to work with a team to create the rebranding and campaign platform as well as executions of this platform. I was responsible for consumer research and market insights which contributed to our ideation sessions. I also created two video prototypes to demonstrate the campaign platform as well as an execution of one idea in the campaign.


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